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What our Members have said

Our Investment Committee brings decades of industry expertise in driving our investment approach, portfolio construction and allocation advice.

The committee ensures our investments are best in class, combining substantiated research with the most effective investing tools.

The SMART Financing System has definitely delivered on its promise. I have learnt to harness the power of leverage and through it I have managed to buy many more properties within a short period of time.

Hazel | Business owners mother

I have been a retiree for a few years now, enjoying my golf. I was introduced to SMART Financing and started buying more properties. Today, my income is boosted and I am still enjoying my golf.

Michael | Retiree

I am a Chinese medicine doctor, with no previous investment experience. With the help of the SMART Financing System, I now not only own my own property, but the gains have exceeded my expectations!

David | Acupuncturist

I had been taking care of my kids and knew nothing about investments. SMART Financing taught me more and allowed me to earn money and still take care of my family.

Carmen | Housewife and a mother of 3


Recognition for a Winning System


Gary has been awarded:
Top 100 “Most Influential Young Entrepreneur 2017” (MIYE)
The BrandLaureate Prominent Brand Awards : Brand Leadership Award 2018
Worldwide Excellent Award 2018
High Flyer Award 2019

Under his leadership the company has been awarded:
The BrandLaureate Prominent Brand Awards : Property Investment Solution Award 2018
SME100AWARD 2018
Golden Bull Award 2019
Malaysia Book Of Record 2020

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