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We are living in rather interesting and challenging times. It has become extremely challenging to even own one property, what more owning multiple properties. Many of us have a dream of achieving Financial Freedom via property investment and …still dreaming. However dream do comes TRUE. We have many students who have become property millionaire in less than 6 months in following the SMART Financing formula.

Whilst the latest budget 2016 may be more favourable to the poorer, it is not attractive for the other tax brackets. Moreover, there is no surprise in the housing sector because there is no tightening nor liberalisation on guidelines such as changes in RPGT rate, re-introduction of DIBS or changes in stamp duty fee. Looks like current policies are deemed to be sufficient to maintain the stability of housing sector.

Nevertheless, one key element which need more attention is house FINANCING. There is no measure (like reintroduce DIBS, reduction in SRR for banks to improve liquidity in the market) to address on how we can make financing more affordable for all especially when Ringgit is depreciating but property price, just like most other goods and services, is increasing in price!

The truth is it is getting tougher and tougher to secure a home financing from the Bank! Looking for deals may not be an issue to you, but as soon as the deals have been identified, what’s next? There are so many roadblocks you likely to face and especially on properties financing, which are not in the favour for home buyers & investors. How can you grow and maximise your portfolio in confident and ensure each deal is well leveraged?

Gary will be sharing with you on some winning formulas to stay ahead on this trying time! Best of all, he has promised to share some secrets on how to break the bank code in order for you to leverage your way to FINANCING FREEDOM!

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