24th September 2018
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Gary Chua, CEO  SMART Financing


Property appreciates while the loans depreciate over the time. With this in mind, this positive value asset can be used to generate additional cash flow for you. Best of all, it is more or less free! It is NOW our turn to educate you.  Gary will be sharing with you the secrets that helped him acquired more than RM20Mil worth of property in just 12 months, and how to continue to obtain financing to fund his property investment journey confidently. Rest assured that you’ll be at the top of the game if you put SMART Financing’s advice into practice.

2017 may be a challenging year for many, especially in the property market. But not for you! This can be the year that allows you to accumulate great wealth!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do i need SMART Financing, i have bankers and mortgage brokers? Are you representing all banks like brokers?

Smart Financing provides an evergreen solution which can be applied in most  scenarios, nature or at any situation. Unlike the others who just gives you a fish for a meal, Smart Financing teaches you to how to fish so that you master this art towards financial freedom. Whats more, with this knowledge, you can continuously apply it for your loved ones, partners. Register for the next upcoming “creative Financing Workshop”. Click here to register

Who is suitable to participate?

Smart Financing applies to anyone!. Be it if you are a novice investors who is taking your first step or an advance season investors who have lots of properties and wants to continuously profit from properties but is stuck. Smart Financing has been proven to work for all age groups from as young as 23 all the way to those in their golden age. Where ever you are, even if you have no near plans of property investment, Smart Financing prepares and equip you for your next big property take now.

I may not be prepared to buy my next property soon, why should i participate?

Achieving financial freedom is everybody’s dream. Opportunity waits for no man. Don’t let the next big opportunity slip away just because you are not prepared.  Smart Financing is all about getting your self ready and when the next big pool of fish swims by, your net is ready to grab it all! We offer regular half day workshops to cover all these. Register your seats now.

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